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Robot & Automatic System

In this age of smart production lines and factory automation, industrial robots are applied to perform extremely dangerous tasks, improve flexible manufacturing, reduce manpower cost and save development time.

SCARA Robot DRS40L3 Series
DRS40L3 Series Delta's SCARA robots can easily integrate with control units and peripheral components to fo...
Delta's six-axis articulated robot features excellent flexibility, a hollow design of the robot wrist, multipl...
Photoelectric Sensor
Photoelectric Sensor Delta offers several types of photoelectric sensor products, including flat type, cyli...
SCARA Robot - RS3
• Industry Leading Work Envelope Usage • No Lost Space in Center of Work Envelope • Extremely high speed...
SCARA Robot - RS4
• Industry Leading Work Envelope Usage • No Lost Space in Center of Work Envelope • Extremely high speed...
Flexion N2
• New compact folding arm technology - world's first • Maximizes motion efficiency for faster cycle times ...
SCARA Robot - G6
• Best in Class Motion Range • Tabletop, Ceiling and Wall Mount Models • ISO Clean & ESD Compliant M...
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