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Automatic Car Washing System

J-Wash System is the number one leader in the industry. We import and market one of the most efficient car washing machines in the global industry from Japan and continuously and strongly extend our business base via our active franchising partners. As we are the joint venture between TN Group and the leading car washing machine manufacturer from Japan, we are in the robust position to offer the latest industrial innovation as well as to provide highly proficient and trustworthy engineering support to the extensive network of our car care center partners.

Automatic Car Washing Machine

Well-designed and fully-equipped with the most recent related technology from Japan, J-Wash Automatic Car Washing Machine performs at its standard best to provide a unique swift, thorough, and free-from-scratch car washing service to the customers.

J Wash Carcare & Franchise

Our services response right to the need of the modern urban populations who value convenience, speed, and highly acceptable cleanliness standard. Five-minute service is the key to our customers’ satisfactory achievement.

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