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Gas solenoid valve / safetyVM-R series
FEATURE Gas solenoid valve,เบิร์นเนอร์,Bunner,เครื่องพ่นไฟ,Burne...
Gas solenoid valve / safety360 mbar | VM-L series
FEATUREGas solenoid valve,เบิร์นเนอร์,Bunner,เครื่องพ่นไฟ,Burner...
Gas solenoid valve / safetyEVO, VM-R/OT series
คุณสมบัติGas solenoid valve,เบิร์นเนอร์,Bunner,เครื่อง�...
Regulating butterfly valve / for burners210 mbar | MRBV, CMAP series
FEATUREThe MRBV & MRBV-CMAP series butterfly valves aresuitable for double stage regulation or modulation ...
Regulating butterfly valveEBV-M, EBV-CMAP series
FEATUREGas solenoid valve,เบิร์นเนอร์,Bunner,เครื่องพ่นไฟ,Burner...
Regulating butterfly valveTBV
FEATUREGas solenoid valve,เบิร์นเนอร์,Bunner,เครื่องพ่นไฟ,Burner...
Regulating butterfly valveTBV-CMAP
FEATURE The TBV-CMÀP is a particular modulating[ butterfly valve. Air flow in low and high pressure lines is ...
Wafer butterfly valveWBV/WBV-CMAP
FEATUREThe BV-CMAP séries is a range of modulating butterf ly valves,specifically designed for the control of...
Butterfly valve with solenoid actuatorWBV-2S
FEATURE Model WBV-2S séries are butterfly "WAFER" valves, designed to con- trol two-stage air flow in low pre...
Throttle valve / miniatureTO-F/TO-M
FEATUREThe 1442-TO-F and TO-M throttle orifices are designed to provide anaccurate flow controL The conical ne...
Needle pressure regulator / gas / single-stageGAF
FEATUREThe RSO/T & RW are respecively gas shut-off ball(RSO/T series) and butterfly (RW series) valves. Th...
Air fuel ratio control valveVL-2R-CMAP
FEATURE The VL-2R-CMÀP is a particular kind of modulating valve with mîcro- metric adjustable port. It's des...
Regulating valveVL-2R-HP series
FEATURE The VL-2R-HP séries valves are suitable forgaseous and liquid fluid flow régulation in high and low ...
Safety valvemax. 300 mbar | TESE series
FEATURE TheTESE séries safety valves for flame backfire are vent devices that release the overpressure genera...
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